ProHeaTec burners have an extremely wide turndown, are very robust and flexible in use.

ProHeaTec burners can be built for negative or positive pressure in the combustion chamber.

Even types for varying pressure are possible.

All commercial combustible gases as well as special gases such as biogas, sewage gas and blast furnace gas, also different caloric values can be processed.

Due to the special design of ProHeaTec burners, vanying heat values  are tolerated to a certain extent.



Cone burner type coneXX


The capacity range standards of the burners can be adapted to the required application.


The following standard variants are available:

  • cone15: approx. 4-160 kW
  • cone30: approx. 7 – 350 kW
  • cone50: approx. 10 – 500 kW
  • cone100. approx. 25 – 1000 kW
  • cone200: approx. 40 – 2500 kW


Other applications areas are covered by modifications based on our standards.


Main applications:

  • Ceramics
  • Textile
  • Print
  • Composites
  • Food an feed
  • Building supplies